California Dapper

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing the founder and Chief of Flowroute, Sean Hsieh!  As soon as we hugged, I was like, "I like this guy!" only later to find out, he's from California like your homegirl!  His genuine demeanor and vivacious drive are what's leading him to the top rather quickly!  This man has a list of gifts and talents, least of which include, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Designer, Developer…shall I go on?  For now…here's a few from our shoot!  

A winter wonderland wedding

She is stunning, sassy, and knows what she wants.  I could tell within the first few moments of meeting her for our wedding day meet and greet.  She was drinking a glass of white wine and looked like a french model out of some European fashion magazine.  She told me about her crazy love story of meeting Eric and how their love just felt…right.  She told me they planned to get married in Whistler, Canada and have a small and intimate winter wedding.  I said, "heck yes!" to all the above and last month found myself in a magic wonderland photographing the most lovely couple in between mountain peeks.