I always love it when my friends hire me to photograph them.  They are seldom just looking for photos but rather an experience to feel their own inner beauty unlocked.

Being photographed can be quite an anxiety producing experience.  Standing in front of that one small lens stirs up an array of insecurities and doubts about body and beauty.

I find it to be quite an awakening for clients.  To feel their body move and to come alive during a shoot.  To move from caring to not caring and just being free to be exactly who you are created to be, you.

This is Hayden.  She came alive during this shoot and it was stunning to witness her beauty


Baby Cub

We have been waiting.

baby cub has been moving and listening inside of mommy for 9 months now.

any moment, he will show us his face and we all await with utter joy and anxious excitement.

he will be birthed into a basket of love and care and will be held close for days to come.

I had the honor of photographing these brave friends last week and dear God, they couldn't stop making out!  I was like, "do you even know that I'm here?"

Love them.  Can't wait to meet you baby cub!