New Life

How quickly the year has moved already!  Within the first week of January I had already photographed my first 2016 wedding!  I imagine this year will be full of work and I'm excited to keep growing as a photographer and artist.  This beginning has also brought new life to a few of my close friends, both of which have had baby boys.  I wouldn't consider myself a newborn photographer, but I'll take the chance to photograph these little nuggets anytime.

Last week I had the privilege to step into the home of a new mommy and photograph her week old baby, Oscar.  Such a sweet time seeing the connection and love between the two of them.  I welcome more shoots like this.

New baby girl






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beach hangs

And i'm back!  It's felt like ages since I last blogged.  It was my hope to be blogging every Monday morning but gosh, it's just been crazy busy since I took a recent job at The Seattle School of Psychology.  I am juggling 3 jobs but I like it.  I like staying busy doing the things I'm passionate about and making new friends along the way.

Sunday night was a blast!  One of my favorite families whom I have photographed 4 years in a row, booked a family session with me and we chose to shoot at my favorite Seattle beach, Discovery Park.  

I love this family so much for a lot of reasons.  I don't have children yet, but I imagine that the ability to play well with your kids is vital to being a parent.  Every time I'm around them there is constant laugher and silliness.  The boys are cracking up and being thrown into the air and spun around like a carousel.  We are all pretty worn out by the end but we finish strong and with some stunning and hilarious photographs!