A floral god

Ok, BIG NEWS!  I am in the processing of getting branded by a most talented woman AND revamping my website!  So stay tuned for that in the next 4 weeks....

I've been waiting to blog these photos for some time now.  Last year there became a wide trend of shooting women and florals and I was extremely drawn to the idea, but I wanted to try and do something slightly different.  I collaborated with my florist, Sara Jane Camacho and we came up with the idea of photographing a male model dressed in florals.  We teamed up with Seattle make up artist, Gaylinyet to work with our model Tyler, and I must say, it was a dream team!

We decided on a theme for the shoot to help inspire us in a specific direction.  We came up with, "The Lost Boys."  We wanted to shoot in a forest and give a dark yet magical feeling surrounding our model, leaving the audience curious and childlike.

Here is what we came up with!

New Life

How quickly the year has moved already!  Within the first week of January I had already photographed my first 2016 wedding!  I imagine this year will be full of work and I'm excited to keep growing as a photographer and artist.  This beginning has also brought new life to a few of my close friends, both of which have had baby boys.  I wouldn't consider myself a newborn photographer, but I'll take the chance to photograph these little nuggets anytime.

Last week I had the privilege to step into the home of a new mommy and photograph her week old baby, Oscar.  Such a sweet time seeing the connection and love between the two of them.  I welcome more shoots like this.

New baby girl






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